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Viral Core Facility Team

The VCF is a shared Core Facility at the Charité Campus Mitte between the research groups of Prof. Christian Rosenmund (Institute of Neurophysiology, NeuroCure), Prof. Dietmar Schmitz (Neuroscience research center NWFZ, NeuroCure) und Prof. Michael Schupp (Molecular Pharmacology and Metabolism, Center for Cardiovascular Research (CCR)).

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Viral tools for basic researchers

The VCF is a joint facility of three laboratories. In the laboratory of Christian Rosenmund lentiviral particles are used for the functional analysis of different proteins in neuronal cell cultures. The research group of Dietmar Schmitz produces adeno-associated viruses for in vivo injections for the analysis of neuronal networks and the group of Michael Schupp generates adenoviruses and retroviruses for the investigation of metabolic functions of various proteins in the liver and adipose tissue.

Through an initiative of the Rosenmund Laboratory the Viral Core Facility of the Charité was founded in 2014, in order to make our acquired know-how available to other research groups. Our main task is to produce viral tools for basic researchers. We are open to the establishment of new technologies. Various requests from our users led to the establishment of Rabies and Semliki-Forest viruses in 2017.