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Vector and virus catalog of the Viral Core Facility

Here you will find an overview of our available viral tools.

Apart from the general services, production of viruses using your provided vectors, you can select in our catalogs available viral vectors for virus production. Existing "ready-made" viruses can also be selected, which we can provide you with at short notice.

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Catalog of our viral vectors and particles

At this point you have the opportunity to inform yourself about our available viral tools. To order the viral particles, all you have to do is enter the catalog number in our online order form. As a Charité internal user, you do not need an MTA with us. A specific MTA for these tools is agreed with external academic institutions. For some of the vectors listed, future publications must thank the originator of the material (e.g. PI on Addgene), list the corresponding Addgene plasmid number and name the original publication.