Quantification / Efficiency test

Costs Discription
Quantification by reporter gene expression 125€ Titering of the virus in cell cultures (primary neurons, HEK cells or cells provided by the user) and analysis of reporter gene expression (Fluorescence)
Ad-virus quantification by Anti-Hexon immunostaining 200€ Titering of adenoviral particles in HEK293A cells to visualize adenoviral hexon protein to get ifu/ml.
Quantification by qPCR of viral genome (included in HPLC-free AAV production) 135€ qPCR on genomic sequences of viral particles
Efficiency test by transgene transcripts and shRNA function 600€ qPCR on transgene transcripts and correlation of corresponding wildtype transciption. Include strategy design, RNA preparation, cDNA synthesis and qPCR.
Efficiency test by transgene expression and shRNA expression knock-down 290€ Western Blot for transgene expression and comparison with wildtype expression (tested and functional antibody and target cells are provided by the user; primary neurons can be provided by the VCF).

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