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Services of the Viral Core Facility

The viral core facility allows Charité scientists and external scientific academic institution the production of viral particles. You can ask us to use existing vectors or newly created vectors to produce viral particles. Afterwards you can have the quantity and quality of the newly generated viruses tested in our labs.

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Viral Core Services

You can choose VCF services from three areas. In the first section, you can entrust a comprehensive DNA service for the generation of new viral vectors with the latest DNA cloning techniques. In a second area, you can have viral particles produced. For this purpose, you can use your own viral vectors, newly generated vectors or already existing vectors from our catalog. Production takes place at various scales for in vitro or in vivo applications. In a third area, we offer a variety of quantification and efficiency determinations of viral particles.

The vectors provided by the VCF or existing viral particles are listed in our Vector Catalog. Here you can select the vector suitable for your scientific question. You can order the services of the VCF via our online tool.