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Production of Viral Particles

Virus production at the Viral Core Facility is performed using specific cell cultures, specific helper plasmids and viral DNA or RNA vectors in our S1 and S2 laboratories. Depending on the virus, the viruses are purified for use in in-vitro or in-vivo experiments.

Learn more on these pages about our viruses, their production and their costs.

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Production of our virus systems

Here is an overview of our currently used viral systems. They differ in

  • their tropism to dividing and non-dividing cells,
  • their ability to integrate the transgene into the genome,
  • their specific transgenic DNA / RNA uptake capacity,
  • their genome and
  • their capsid size.

Depending on the virus system, work must be carried out in laboratories with the genetic engineering safety level S1 or S2.

As a user of the VCF, you can choose from the vector systems listed here for your specific research question. You can provide us with your existing viral DNA / RNA vector for production, or you can use vectors that we have listed in the catalog. For Charité external users, we provide an MTA that must be signed by your "non-profit" academic institution. In addition, external users must have approvals that allow them to use certain sequences (e.g., GFP reporter gene). Please contact us regarding the required MTAs and the choice of the most suitable vector.