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Quantification and efficiency tests of viral particles

How many viral particles does my virus production have? How strongly does the virus express the desired transgene? How effective is the virus? All these questions can be answered in our Core Facility. You can choose from a variety of different molecular and cell biological methods.

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We offer the following options to carefully characterise your virus:

  • Titration in cell cultures by analysis of reporter gene expression of the virus
  • Quantification by qPCR of the viral genome
  • Viral efficiency test by qPCR of transgene expression in comparison to uninfected wildtype cells
  • Viral efficiency test by protein analysis using western blotting techniques (shRNA or expression vectors)

Costs - Quantification and Efficiency tests




Quantification by reporter gene expression

125 € Intern, 150 € BUA*, 200 € Extern

Titering of the virus in cell cultures (primary neurons, HEK cells or cells provided by the user) and analysis of reporter gene expression (Fluorescence)

Ad-virus quantification by Anti-Hexon immunostaining

205 € Intern, 225 € BUA*, 260 € Extern

Titering of adenoviral particles in HEK293A cells to visualize adenoviral hexon protein to get ifu/ml.

Quantification by qPCR of viral genome (1-2 viruses)

100 € Intern, 125 € BUA*, 150 € Extern

qPCR on genomic sequences of viral particles

Quantification by qPCR of viral genome (more than 3 viruses)

70 € Intern, 85 € BUA*, 100 € Extern

3 or more viruses reduce the price of qPCR per virus. *qPCR is included in AAV production

Efficiency test by transgene transcripts and shRNA function

600 € Intern, 650 € BUA*, 700 € Extern

qPCR on transgene transcripts and correlation of corresponding wildtype transciption. Include strategy design, RNA preparation, cDNA synthesis and qPCR.

Efficiency test by transgene expression and shRNA expression knock-down

290 € Intern, 400 € BUA*, 500 € Extern

Western Blot for transgene expression and comparison with wildtype expression (tested and functional antibody and target cells are provided by the user; primary neurons can be provided by the VCF).

* BUA = Berlin University Alliance, research groups within the Berlin science network